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Since the inception of our company by Isom Hill, our heating and cooling company acknowledges the infamous reputation of the contractor industry for aggressive sales tactics and unreliable service when it comes to furnace and air conditioner repairs and replacements. At Royal Blue Hill, we've set out to redefine these expectations.

Our mission is clear: to REVOLUTIONIZE comfort in your home and business. From the outset, we've distinguished ourselves by PRIORITIZING your experience. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our service, striving to exceed expectations with uncommon ENTHUSIASM and a relentless pursuit of improvement.

Whether you're facing an unexpected mechanical issue or seeking preventative maintenance, Royal Blue Hill Heat and Air, Inc. is here for you at every stage. We believe in doing things differently—it's what sets us apart and ensures your complete satisfaction. Discover a NEW STANDARD of Home Comfort with Royal Blue Hill Heat and Air, Inc.

This is a package AC system installed at a local insurance agency.


Isom at Royal Blue Hill oversees the daily operations of Service Technicians and Apprentices, leveraging over 25+ years of expertise in HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, and related electrical systems. He is a passionate and skilled HVAC technician.

Over his career, Isom has earned a SOLID reputation among residential and commercial clients, who see him as a dedicated and AMBITIOUS professional. Beyond his business responsibilities, he TREASURES time with his family, enjoys mountain biking, and dedicates himself to training his German Shepherd (Kai Von Rothhaus) and Belgian Malinois (Nina), as well as traveling.

Isom emphasizes to his customers that their TRUST is paramount to him, and he is COMMITTED to consistently surpassing their expectations.

We Do  What's Right

We are dedicated to upholding the utmost ethical standards and prioritizing the health and safety of both our team members and customers. Our team operates with integrity, offering transparent project assessments and ensuring comprehensive communication with you throughout the process.

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Tabitha Tate, finance customer focused

At Royal Blue Hill, Tabitha oversees the daily operations of the Corporate Office and finances. With over 25 years of experience in operations and administration, Tabitha is a RESULT-DRIVEN professional.

Throughout her career, Tabitha has been a trusted partner to corporate leaders, financial departments, and human resources teams. Her EXPERTISE extends to contract management, and she co-owns the business with Isom E. Hill. Tabitha excels as a leader, demonstrating strong analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills. She is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship, community service, and supporting others.

In her leisure time, Tabitha values spending quality moments with her family, French Bulldog (Pierre), and hiking. Above all, she wants her customers to understand that their SATISFACTION, LOYALTY, and ADVOCACY are her top priorities in their HVAC business.

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