Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program

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spring & fall  Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Plans are a great way for you to not worry about making sure your system is properly maintained regularly. This is the best way to avoid system failure in severe hot or cold weather when you need it the most! Your system should be serviced once in the spring & again in the fall as well as cleaning your air filter and humidifier pad on a regular schedule.

Increase Your Heater’s Efficiency

As you use your AC all summer, dirt, and debris build up in the ductwork and filters. It’s a good idea to address these issues before switching over to heat. Not only will your heater work more efficiently, but the quality of airflow throughout your home will be much more pleasant, resulting in a cozier home this winter.

Scheduling regular maintenance service is a much more economical option than coming up with the funds to replace an entire system. Nobody wants to deal with an emergency HVAC replacement in the best weather, let alone in the dead of winter.